Professional Poker Tips

Here’s some Top Professional Poker Tips

We know why the term poker face was coined in the English dictionary. It signifies lack of expressions and this is exactly what poker professionals are expected to maintain. This is not as easy as it may sound. In fact, the winning or losing of a poker game often depends on the poker face. Experts believe that keeping a strong poker face is even more challenging in a game like poker, where emotions often play a big role and it is not easy to hold either your excitement or angst. Let us explore some of the essential ways to put up a poker face and emerge as the winner.

Maintain a blank expression

To be successful in poker professional, you should learn to check your emotions. Put up a blank and cold expression, so that others are not able to understand and gauge your psyche. In most cases, when the opponents get to know about you from your face, they will not spare you. Often times, a blank facial expression plays the trickster in fooling others as they do not get to understand your subsequent moves in the game. Many professionals practice this type of face in front of the mirror before the match to attain perfection.

Learn to relax

Learning to relax is the key mantra in all kind of sports and activities and more so in case of poker games. Once you are relaxed, it will naturally show on your face. Not even a single moment, one should think that you are tensed even if you are a little jittery inside. Therefore, always try to be calm and cool.

Check your body language

For many who try to keep the best poker face, they often fail when they open their mouth. Their nervousness gets reflected in their voice and one can make out from their tone and voice. This is highly advantageous for your opponents. At the end of the day, they all get to know you are nervous. And this is enough for them to eat you up in the game. The other very important things are controlling your breath, keeping a straight eye, don’t scratch your head or fidget with your watch or dress to make a fool of yourself. All these actually need some practice, and we strongly recommend watching advice on poker tells. Get more detailed review by john gorsuch.

Keep all your emotions at bay

Do not exhibit raw emotions or get hyperactive even when you are winning. It looks especially awkward when you are playing the game with a group of friends and associates. Even in a professional game, it is better to keep your emotions at bay when you are winning. Now about the losing part which we all hate to think. Even if you are losing, do not throw tantrums or become psychotic. Just concentrate on the next game and try to win that one. Professional players who keep up a poker face usually do not react to small wins and losses. Maintaining a poker face is considered to be an art. Finally, do not be too conscious about keeping a poker face. If you become too conscious you may make a fool of yourself. A poker professional always keeps an expressionless yet a normal face.


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