Questions to Ask Before Turning Poker Pro

How to Be A Poker Pro?

Those who have a penchant for poker often think of giving up their mundane jobs and become a poker professional. But most cannot do so. This is because a poker’s job is not as easy as it may appear. Of course there are many who have other jobs and use poker as a way to make extra money. However, before you think of making poker your ultimate profession, ask yourself 4 questions. If the answer to all the questions is in affirmative, go ahead. You can consider yourself a poker pro and you are on the right direction of your career.

Question 1) Do I have a solid bankroll?

It is always important to estimate the amount of money you are willing to shell out for the game so that you get a substantial return and at the same time, does not leave you broke. This means, before you enter the field, you have to ensure that you have a solid bankroll. However, many poker professionals tend to ignore the bankroll factor and end up losing everything. A solid bankroll is required for the big bets, the big binds and the strategic buy-ins. Therefore ask yourself whether you have sufficient money to feel secured and you do not feel the threat of going completely bankrupt.

Question 2) Can I return to my old job or get other jobs?

There is no fixed salary and no guarantee of a steady career when you consider poker as a career option. So if your boss assures you that you can make a comeback even if you quit, you can plunge headlong into the poker professional. Also if there are plenty of job opportunities in your city, you need not worry too much and give full time poker a try. Most people start taking up small poker games alongside their regular jobs and those who succeed big time think of making it a fulltime option. So ask yourself the above question before you get into this business.

Question 3) How have my past records been?

This is a relevant question you need to ask yourself before you become a fulltime poker professional. Past results matter a lot, so go through your track record in poker and check the number of wins and losses. See how many times you have won over a short stretch and whether the win is consistent over a period of time. It does not matter much if you have hit a jackpot once in your poker session.

Question 4) Can I cope with the pressure?

Losing is always depressing. And this is especially true for fulltime pokers whose everyday living depends on the number of games won. There will be many times, when you would not be left with a single penny no matter how much of strategy you use. Ask yourself, can I cope with the pressure. Many times, this profession may take a toll on your physical and mental health and this can be highly detrimental in some cases. If you can lead a happy and normal life and choose to join this profession fulltime, you are most welcome.


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